What we as a company are doing to help during the pandemic

In a pandemic, everyone should play their part in helping each other; only then can we effectively go through these challenging times. Hence, we are playing our role in the current difficult situation to help people worldwide.

The responsibility on the shoulders of any interpreting and translating company is overwhelming, as this pandemic has generated problems like the “infodemic,” as called by the WHO. The infodemic refers to the lack of knowledge about COVID-19, prevailing across the world, as there are not many languages in which this knowledge is available. Therefore, it has become the duty of companies like ours to provide this information, and we are trying our best in several ways.

Available around the clock

We have made our services available 24/7 to people around the world. Whether it’s doctors, researchers, or people spreading awareness, they could need help translating and interpreting information at any time or day. To make their work more accessible and less risky, we are at their service around the clock, with fast responses and a skillful team of interpreters and translators.

Flexible payment methods

As we all know that this pandemic has no cure developed for it yet; hence the only way to survive it is by changing our lifestyles and adapting to it. The most crucial lifestyle change is to reduce physical contact as the disease is contagious. This change applies to payment options with physical contact necessary. Therefore, we have introduced flexibility in our payment options so that we don’t put your lives at risk. For example, you can pay online. Moreover, there are options available for payment in every situation.

Reducing costs

Many non-profit organizations, people spreading awareness, and doctors cannot provide information to people due to the high cost of interpreting and translation services. It discourages them from reaching their goals, while many people succumb to the disease as a consequence.

So, to prevent this from happening, we have reduced our per-minute charges by 50% for Spanish, which is the most commonly used and requested language at our company. This will cut costs sharply, allowing people to get services without worrying about money.

Providing to those who need it most

Some people need our services more than others. For example, legal, medical and community services depend highly on interpreting and translation services. So, to help them out, we have introduced further offers. We are willing to make concessions and compromises to increase our operational flexibility toward people who need our services the most. As discussed earlier, this will encourage people, such as workers in medical organizations, to work hard when they know that our company has their backs in these challenging times.


We will continue to help people in this pandemic in many ways and will fulfill our duties as a part of the human community across the globe. Ultimately, the infodemic and the pandemic will soon come to an end.